Hello world. ICARUS 1.0 through 1.2 have been a success. We’ve received feedback from MAVIC shooters all over the world complementing us on the benefits of having a calibrated starting point for their color correction workflow.  And we’re not done here. We prepping up for a major new release. Version 2 will be remade from the ground up using new and better color charts, better software and improved methods. Expect improvements in color balance, better contrast separation and new contrast curves. We’re also preparing calibrations for D-CINELIKE. This popular color mode requires little or no correction out of the box and so a corrective LUT will be less stressful on the codec. What contrast settings do you usually go for? Stay tuned and if you need more information, please write to us at icarus@paulocunhamartins.com. Now go outside and shoot some video!

7 Replies to “ICARUS LUTs V2 dev”

  1. This is awesome….great to see you keep pushing the limits….Best LUTS out there for the mavic…..can’t wait fot V2 .

  2. Hi I hope you see this and respond to me. I’m brand new to all of this. I’ve got a copy of DaVinci Resolve and I assume I could use your LUT with that? Do you have any tutorial on how exactly to load it into Resolve?

  3. Hi there. Nice work. I am new to this, and was thinking about getting the PolarPro ND filters. Will the filters cause and impact on how the LUT performs?

    1. Hi JMF
      In terms of color response you’ll be fine, only variable ND’s tend do skew color into the greens or magentas.

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