V.2 is ready

And will be released this Friday, May 12th
A few months ago I set out with the idea to create a dependable, rigorous and affordable color service for a very capable camera and all the effort put into the development of these LUTs has proved fortunate. MAVIC users are now getting better colour and enhanced grading manoeuvrability. Thank you to all the community that has helped me keeping this project alive. Your feedback and video samples were  fundamental in the creation of these LUTs.
Version 2 was developed using new color charts, new calibration methods along with various refinements. You will get better colour separation, richer hues, smoother gradients, neutral greys, all the dynamic range available and reduced posterisation.

Support for D-Cinelike

D-Cinelike frame corrected with a single LUT – ICARUS V.2 DJI MAVIC PRO D-CINELIKE Sunny WB – Film Contrast 2
This colour mode is very popular amongst MAVIC users so it became a priority.  Its contrast and color is the closest to a no-grade solution out of the box. Still, with V2 you will get even better images. ICARUS performs the exact same kind of transformations as with D-LOG but with lesser intensity and obviously different values.

What about V1?

Since you might get more adequate results with one of the legacy products, versions 1.0 through 1.3 will remain available for download for existing customers.

Will V2 be a payed upgrade?

No. All existing customers will receive this update for free! Just go the the inbox on the email you used to register the first time. If, until Friday you want to get acquainted with V1 LUTs, you have nothing to loose. Just download, run your tests and receive the updated versions on May 12th. The only quirk is that the camera settings have changed. V2 was created around D-LOG (+1:-1;0) and D-Cinelike (+1;-1;0). We’ve discussed these options in the previous blog post.

Until Friday comes

Again, if you’d like to be featured in an upcoming demo reel, send me some video clips to icarus@paulocunhamartins.com, along with your name, and shooting locations.
Thank you,

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