Heads up > v.2.1. Why an update to ICARUS so soon after release?

This is where we get really picky about the details, and gladly so.

The images we received from all over the world provided a better insight on how the MAVIC sees color and what these LUTs should work with. Thank you to everybody who submitted their media, your participation is essential for the improvement of current and development of new LUTs. As always, you might get better results from a previous version.  Existing customers have received this update in the email used to purchase the previous version. Also, if you spot anything out of place while using v.2.1 don’t hesitate in sending me a message. You might see that this or that color looks strange, that a gradation isn’t as smooth as it should or that something simply doesn’t look real. Happy flying everyone!

Release notes for v2.1 – Coming next Monday.

  • Blue skies were desaturated and shifted towards green
  • Caucasian skintones at the edge of the luminance range were shifted towards yellow and were over saturated. This will affect the hue of sand, rocks, wood and naturally caucasian skin tones.
  • Some reds were desaturated and shifted towards magenta
  • Two new LUTs added
    • ETTR. This LUT was designed for those who expose to the right. Shoot as bright at possible before clipping the highlights. In post, manipulate your exposure, curves, saturation and white balance on your log footage while having this LUT working in a node or adjustment layer ahead/above the clip. Finish the grade with your secondaries and any other adjustments after the LUT.
    • ETTR + saturation. The same as before but with a custom curve that increases saturation without clipping or distorting already saturated colours while maintaining neutrals free of chroma noise. It works like the vibrance setting in Adobe Camera Raw but has been molded as illustrated in the curve below.

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