ICARUS v.2.2 update

An update for ICARUS is coming. It addresses the presence of an overall green tint in the midtone neutrals such as rock and sand.


Also, a new LUT will be included in the pack. It’s called Push and it’s a high contrast, high saturation, vivid preset that only needs exposure adjustment for a quick correction.

As always, the updates will be free for all existing customers. Please check your inbox to download this update.

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  1. Just purchased this today, these shots and color correcting look incredible! I was wondered some clear steps of using these LUTs. I am very new to LUTs and am wondering where I apply these? Is this directly downloaded to the Mavic or is there a way I need to download each to Final Cut and do the correction in post production. I’m sure it’s all within Final Cut, but I’m not seeing these show up within my software. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

    1. Hi Aaron,
      Thank you for your purchase!
      A LUT is a file that you load into a plugin on your editing system. For Final Cut Pro I recommend FCPX LUT Loader.
      Drop that filter onto a clip, then load the LUT that best suits your video. Continue with any subsequent color correction and grading from then on. These LUTs are primers, hence they should be loaded at the beginning of the effects chain.

      Also, it’s essential that you use the recommenced settings on your Mavic. D-LOG (+1;-1;0) or D-Cinelike (+1;-1;0) Sunny or Auto White Balance.

    1. Hi,
      ND filters won’t induce any noticeable color shifts. I use them and I haven’t seen any change in the color response.

      1. Hi,

        So, with your LUTs, if I well understood, you recommend ND Filter but not Polarized ? Correct ?

        I’ll buy 2 filters and I hesitate between ND & Pola….

        Which brand has the best ratio priceVSquality ? polarpro? PGY ?


        1. Hi Guillaume,
          Only for variable ND filters. those tend to skew color towards green. There are no variable ND’s for the MAVIC so, any filter will be OK with these LUTs. I bought TACO ND’s a while ago and I don’t know if any better options out there.

  2. Okay, so I’m interested in getting up to speed with using LUTs, and I’ve purchased the newest set here. But I need a detailed FAQ file to understand what to unpack, where to store the LUTs, and how to actually use these files. I’m still fairly new to Adobe Premiere Pro and have kept things very simple until now. Thanks!

    1. Hi Dave,
      Thank you for your purchase and sorry for the late reply.
      In Premiere Pro, load a LUT from the .33 point folder in the first tab of the Lumetri panel. Load any contrast curves in the Creative look tab. I am in the process of releasing version 3. Those will have a tutorial. All existing customers will receive the update for free.

    1. Hi Tomek,
      I found that the cloudy white balance preset on the MAVIC is too warm. I recommend using Sunny WB and then changing the white balance in post production after applying a LUT. White balance in post comes after the clip has been conformed with a technical LUT, never before.

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