ICARUS V.2.2 and a NEW LUT called Push

It’s update time again and v.2.2 and here we address the presence of an overall green tint in the mid-tone hues such as rock and sand. This was left unnoticed until a recent project I did where I saw no separation between the grey sidewalks and a green’ish nearby wall. This lead me to investigate if it was a recurring problem with all midt-tone neutrals and this proved to be correct. This version corrects this issue for a more pleasing, balanced and neutral image. The update is available for D-LOG only since the green tint issue wasn’t visible in D-Cinelike.

Use your mouse over these images to compare both versions. Blue sky is slightly affected, making it denser and less green tinted.

A new LUT – PUSH

I am delighted to present a new LUT for the ICARUS family. This is a custom made LUT designed to get the most vivid image out of your MAVIC without compromising image quality.
Dynamic range is preserved while contrast is greatly enhanced. Extra midtone contrast reveals texture and volume in rocks.
Greens gain volume and atmospheric haze contributes to a greater notion of space. Saturation is kept under control, avoiding channel clipping and unnatural tones. No other commercially available LUT offers such a degree of control over landscape imagery. To fine tune the color output using this LUT, simply adjust exposure and curves before applying it. In Premiere, for example, load the LUT in the creative panel and make any necessary adjustments in the Basic tab and Curves tab. In DaVinci Resolve, add a node before another node containing the LUT.

Existing customers will receive the update by email. New customers will have this update available upon checkout.

If you’re interested in a test run, send me a video clip and see these LUTs in action. 

17 Replies to “ICARUS V.2.2 and a NEW LUT called Push”

  1. What’s the best workflow to use the PUSH LUT in Final Cut Pro?

    Having applied this LUT on footage shot in AWB, the saturation & contrast is far too strong.
    Settings are D-Log, Auto AWB, +1,-1,0 as recommended.

    You have mentioned Premiere & DaVinci in your blog post, but nothing about FCP?
    Any instructions on FCP workflow to achieve a vivid but balanced look?


        1. In the case of excessive saturation and contrast when using Push, load a color adjustment filter before LUT Utility and reduce contrast and saturation while having the Push loaded after it. This way, you prepare your clip for all the intense transformations applied in LUT utility .

  2. Hi, I just purchased the LUT-package and enjoy it much on Final Cut Pro together with ColorFinalePro.
    I just wonder, how I can use those Contrast Curve Profiles in FCP.
    Does anyone have a hint please?


    1. Hi Christian, thank you for your purchase.
      Using ColorfinalePro just add another 3DLUT module and load a contrast curve after the first LUT. Flat LUTs in ICARUS have no contrast added so you can try out different contrast curves.
      Alternatively, you can load a curves module and draw the curve yourself.

      1. colorfinale treats the contrast curve as 1D LUT.
        And unfortunatly colorfinale does not support 1D LUTs, but only 3D LUTs.
        Is there a way to convert the 1D LUTs to 3DLUTs?

  3. Hi Paulo, I just purchased your LUTs through Paypal and got the download links. I downloaded all the six from v1.0 to 2.2.
    Now I wander how to load those LUTs to my Premiere Pro cc.
    Pls let me know it. I can’t wait any longer to apply yours to my footage ha;

    1. Oh, I just read your instruction that put on Creative panel. Then should I drag and drop all your .cube files to the LUTs>Creative folder?

    2. Hi Justin
      In Premiere, load them in the Basic Correction tab in Lumetri Panel as an input LUT. This is the simplest way.
      A more advanced way is to edit your video, create an adjustment layer, place that adjustment layer over your edit and load any ICARUS LUT as explained above. Then, make all necessary adjustments on each individual Lumetri panel on the clips below.

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