.1000 firmware. Will ICARUS LUTs become useless?

It’s firmware time again and in their typically cryptic manner, DJI announced something about image quality.  This could be anything so let’s do it right and run some tests in D-LOG.

Codec improvements?
2.7K is still being written at 40MB/s
DCI 4K is still being written at 60MB/s
Intra Frame distance is still 8, we have the same jittery, GOP interval artefacts as before.

Color Improvements/Changes?
I filmed a detailed landscape in DCI 4K, using .0900 and .1000 to see if there are any changes in the color response. The settings are D-LOG +1;-1;0 Sunny White balance.
I could not see any difference in the color response between them.

The center red spot?
Watch this video to find out more.

Sharpening watercolour effect?
Maybe. I didn’t run this particular test. But I know for a fact that filming with sharpening at 0 or less seriously affects the overall sense of details because it correlates with digital noise reduction. Did DJI fix this? Leave your comments below if you have any information about this.

No changes are required in the usage of ICARUS LUTs with this new firmware and it’s nice that the red spot issue was fixed. Is anyone else seeing this improvement as well? Let us know in the comments.

2 Replies to “.1000 firmware. Will ICARUS LUTs become useless?”

    1. It looks properly sharp from the samples I downloaded with the sharpness dialled in at 0. The texture at 100% zoom reminds me of a RAW photo with low sharpness in Lightroom.

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