ICARUS Version 3 is out

Icarus version 3.0 brings major improvements across the board in terms of color fidelity, flexibility and compatibility. By using the new Colorchecker SG and improved methods we were able to deliver a better product and you can download it now free of charge.

Start your correction with a LUT that matches your camera settings and lighting conditions then dial-in any if the 26 auxiliary LUTs for a personalised grade.

15 Replies to “ICARUS Version 3 is out”

  1. Ciao Paulo !
    I’ve buy your LUTs some times ago for Mavic Pro, now I’ve switched to Mavic 2 Pro, I’m asking you, have ICARUS V.3 also profile for the new model ? in that case I didn’t receive the email for the update (not even in the spam).

    thanks anway for your effort to keep it update always !


    1. Hello Alex.
      Not at all. The color response from the MAVIC 2 Pro is very different from the first MAVIC. A LUT kit shall be released but it is still under development.
      As for version 3, please check your email again for the download links.

      1. mail received, thanks !!
        so I’ll look forward in the blog for the release of mavic 2 pro LUT, sure it will be a great step up in my workflow.


  2. Hi Paulo,
    hope i´m not too late. i just realize you released V.3 this summer, but I cant find the link. would you send it again to my inbox? i bought V2 last february.

    thanx in advance!

  3. Hi Paulo,

    I must have missed your email. Could you please send me the link to version 3? I’ve purchased version 2 last year.

    Thank you very much!

    Best regards,

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