ICARUS LUTs provide simple and mature correction for DJI MAVIC PRO D-LOG footage



The MAVIC’s camera is quite capable, but its image processing leaves something to be desired.It starts with the fact that you can’t create custom a white balance and here is no Tint adjustment. Images will be inevitably magenta unless you go for Auto White Balance. Whenever I shoot in log I prefer to use a preset white balance instead of custom creating them in-camera. If the video is flexible enough, one can manipulate the white point in post production. It’s not RAW but it’s flexible enough for most needs.


The default sunny white balance veers towards magenta in a very uneven manner throughout the greyscale and has proven to be hard to correct manually

Landscapes acquire a more natural and balanced look

Dynamic range is preserved so that both white and black points are easily controlled before or after the LUT

Compressed highlights in the sky come to life and reveal more realistic gradations 

Hue variations in aquatic colours are subtle and controlled

Here, a contrast curve is applied before the LUT to help break the mist of low altitude clouds while preserving the rich, contrasty green hues in the seashore

Caucasian skin-tones are realistically represented as well


Tungsten lighting proves even more challenging. Sensor analog amplification and RGB color filters are optimised for daylight and getting the right colours under tungsten has always been a problem. This pack also includes a calibrated LUT for tungsten lighting, providing that the camera is set for tungsten White Balance

Indoor and night shots look more natural and neutral. Here, we see an indoor scene at ISO400. Note that it’s harder to get perfectly neutral greys under tungsten light/white balance

And here, the same scene at ISO3200. Notice the magenta shadows on the left edge. There is a fair degree of amp glow, a typical artefact of CMOS high analog amplification. The DJI MAVIC PRO D-LOG Tungsten + contrast LUT does a good job at controlling noise while keeping the greyscale fairly neutral


What’s included

ICARUS LUTS for Daylight White Balance

1 flat, low contrast LUT


1 sRGB  LUT with smooth high/low roll-off

1 medium contrast LUT

2 S-Curve contrast LUTs

ICARUS LUTS for Tungsten White Balance

1 flat, low contrast LUT

1 medium contrast LUT

ICARUS Film Simulation LUTS

3 Film simulations for daylight

Camera Settings

The MAVIC’s camera must be adjusted to these settings in order to maximize dynamic range whilst keeping noise and posterisation under control.

Color – D-Log

Style – Custom

+1 Sharpness (recommended)

-2 Contrast

0 Saturation



It is very important  to check your exposure using the Histogram. Over-exposure warning will not work with these settings since the maximum luminance range falls below 100% and zebra won’t be activated

The peak indicated with the arrow represents absolute white under these settings. The vertical line represents the absolute limit of where the histogram falls. It never clips abruptly as a vertical line. Note how some zebra creeps in on the edges between the leaves and the white clipped sky. This is due to compression artefacts.


As with any other log footage, exposing the histogram to the right reaps benefits in post production, specially in 8bit 4:2:0 H.264 video like this. Be careful when exposing with these settings and keep your histogram below the lower half of the last vertical section to avoid over-exposure.



What’s to come…

LUTs for D-Cinelike and Normal Color

Auxiliar Contrast Curves

Better Dynamic Range


All existing customer will receive updates for FREE



LUTS were developed in 64 and 32 point cubes in .cube file format compatible with a vast majority of NLEs.


In Adobe Premiere, place the LUTs in the Creative tab and do your toning in  the Basic Correction tab
Load the LUTs in the Creative tab and do your toning in  the Basic Correction tab


Use a third-party LUT loader such as FCPX LUT Loader at the end of your effect chain


Load as an external LUT at the end of the node chain



De you want to see these LUTs in action before you decide to purchase? Send me a short video file with the correct camera settings as stated above  and I’ll get back as soon as possible with a corrected version


Get the LUTS here

Current version is v1.1

.cube files in 33 and 64 point curves